Are all wealthy ungrateful and cold hearted?

I used to work as a maid for a wealthy family for 20 years. I did the cleaning , cooking and I was also the nanny once they had a child. When my bosses had their little girl in 1992 Lord I loved that child. I was happy the moment I went to the hospital to see that child my boss told me you are going to be her nanny. My boss was not a good mom I push the baby stroller while she shop my boss was trying on dresses while the baby started to cry my boss ask me to take the baby away she was to busy trying on dresses for her husbands gala job thing. As that child grow older she would always come to me for everything I even got to love her as one of my own. On 2010 when my baby graduated high school I happy for my baby getting accepted for her dreams to become a doctor that same night of my babies party graduation my bosses asked me to live the house that same night they no longer needed me after all my baby was going to university. They didn't give me a chance to look for an apartment to rent I had to stay in a motel that same night. I was thinking that my baby girl had forgot about me until last week she found me she did remember me thank the lord she did not turn like her selfish parents. Her parents lie to her that I decided to live and look for another job. Do wealthy people not care?
Are all wealthy ungrateful and cold hearted?
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