I found out my new friends get abused at home?

I don't know what to do. For school i got in a complete new classroom. I have made a few new good friends for the past 1,5 months. However today i found out 2 of them (a boy and a girl) are getting abused at home and the other one clearly is hiding something from us (a boy). The boy who gets abused told me about his home situation and that he literally gets beaten by his parents. Also that he gets whipped by a cane. That really shocked me, especially because he also told me that his parents emotionally abuse him. Then he told me 'o but (the name of the girl) also gets abused! Didn't you know?'. Of course i knew something was up. Secretly i knew they were getting abused, but to actually hear it being true made me so sad. They don't deserve it and always are so happy. They help everyone who needs it. The other guy is clearly hiding something and today i found out he has anger issues. Which makes me think of 'why?'. What is he hiding? Of course i won't pull it out of him or make him talk. Not at all. I give all of them time to talk.

What do you think? All of us are 16 years old. What should i do beside being the psychologist :) Which i really don't mind by the way! I like talking to people and helping them.
I found out my new friends get abused at home?
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