Am I wrong for feeling this way?

So I have been at college for the past couple of months. I was not working so I did not have much money for my birthday which is this week but it’s the week school let out. I started back at my job this week but my check will not be here until after Thanksgiving. My parents gave me 200$ and I’m getting 100 from my dad. So I booked the hotel. I am the only one paying for the hotel and I invited 4 friends. I decided that I would pay because I did make the plans. So we got a hotel so we could drink but of course we have to pay for bottles also. So I said I will add up the total of the bottles and we can divide them among us. They began to complain that they had to pay for bottles. But it wouldn’t be much if all of us chipped in. The. My friend volunteers to drive to the place because they say that I’m not a good driver. I said if you want to drive then okay. so now it’s a couple of days before the even and he says that I should fill up his tank because he is going to be coming from school to try even. But he has been working while at school and my event is where he lives at so why would u fill up his tank? I said I don't know about filling up your tank because money is already tight and he says well I don’t volunteer to drive any more. So I say that’s fined you didn’t have to volunteer in the first place. But am I wrong for being upset? Because I realize that is a drive but it was one he was going to make anyway because he is coming home from school for the winter. I don't know I don’t want to give him money to drive because had he said it earlier I would have put money aside for that purpose. But they keep complaint about having to pay for things but I don't know what do I do?
Am I wrong for feeling this way?
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