Am I treating my mom badly?

I don't cuss of anything to her, sometimes I raise my voice but in a playful way, I dont really help her around the house cause, sad to say it I suck at cleaning the house and I'm swamped with assignments. What happened today made me feel real guilty, for some reason. My mom got me a new chair. It came in a huge box. I left the box beside the trash thinking maybe people could just throw their trash in it and we can throw the whole box away. I didn't mean to be rude by just leaving it there. My brother told me to fold it up and keep it aside. And I did. He went out for a while. I got a text from him saying, you think mom is a maid? She has to do everything for you? I'm very stone cold. People remarks dont matter to me. But when my brother said that to me I felt awful. I felt so guilty. I felt like a really bad daughter. Again, I get it he's the perfect son and I'm the black sheep. But. I didn't mean to mistreat my mom or be mean or be rude to her in any way. I'm. Trying. My best. I may seem lazy. But it's just so hard. Quarantine got the best of me. I feel like my room is my happy place that's why I dont go downstairs to help my mom. I just... I dont know. I just feel so sad. That's it. (Also I'm sorry for the bad English. It's hard to text and cry at the same time haha)
Am I treating my mom badly?
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