Why do parents not support me & say I’m bad child?

They treat me this way I feel because they are u happy with their lives but it’s not my fault they made their life This way. Dad used to use drugs to mom was never able buy her home, she’s trying buy home now but has no job keeps telling me oh with my business sales it can all be used to pay her rent, huh? I have a small business I do sell like full time job weekly but I use it to save & pay my rent bills n food. I feel she only wants me for money. Then I moved to my own studio 2 months ago & she’s jealous. She keeps saying I think I’m rich & I buy everything at $1 store. I’m not rich. She wants copy me try sell clothes too & she doesn’t get 23 is an adult I want start life with my man hav own life not follow parents like a 5 year old. I see all parens visiting their sons daughters home & I don't know y my parents want me hav no future be trash? Dad lives in his truck as he gives all his money to mom & owes a lot of truck bills. All mom does is complain she is broke no job but does nothing for her future it’s too late. I’m last child so it’s not fair I deserve be happy. I still can’t afford give parents a ton of money as I’m struggling too so I can’t help them much.
Why do parents not support me & say I’m bad child?
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