Have you ever just wanted a loving sibling but never got one?

My big sister was always mean to me growing up until I got bigger and stronger than her. I thought know that we are brown we got along fine, but I never hear from her. I text her and she doesn’t answer. She never did that to me before, I feel as if she bad at me. Every time I call her she seems like she irritated for no reason like she in a hurry to get off the phone. Her behavior so weird she just tells me I call at the wrong time or that she is busy. I just wish she was more nicer I really don’t feel like she is a sister. I feel like I’m talking to an enemy or someone that hates me. I get a vibe from her that she doesn’t want anything do with me. When I get that warning in my soul I stay away from people. Also, I’m thinking like back tracking if I every said anything back a couple months ago if I made her mad. I don’t recall I think people would be mature to call me out if I did accidentally said or did something that might offend them or hurt. I just see stuff on Instagram or people out in public have good relationship with there sisters and I want that. Or I know people that have a good relationship with there siblings. I have a few older brothers, but my sister is closer to my age. I’m just curious to know why she would be acting this. It’s not that she is busy, she talks on the phone to my parents a lot and I do include her in my family group chats and she answers through that but not directly to me.
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I meant to say loving sister my brothers I don’t have any negative vibes.
Have you ever just wanted a loving sibling but never got one?
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