Anyone else is just doing them?

I don’t talk to anyone from the opposite sex my age is that okay? I talk to my dad and my brothers. A lot of people seem to leave me and walk out of my life. I have gotten used to being independent, working and going out in public alone. Being alone doesn’t bother me but sometimes I feel unloved. I always remind my self Jesus loves me and I can’t wait till I’m with him in heaven. Waiting for that day but being in reality on earth I have a few friends. When they are busy I feel lonely sometimes. Then shake that off usually find something to do I love having fun so I make Youtube videos, go bake, go skate or go on adventures. I’m currently trying to meet new people in my area. Still only have met one person up bc covid. Yea I’m just doing me! I focus on myself while I care about my environment and people that are in need.
Anyone else is just doing them?
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