Is it normal to feel lost without my brother?

He passed away from an auto accident last year. He was only 30 years old (8 years older than me) and many times keep wishing this were just a dream. It isn't.

The day I lost him; I lost my father figure (he used to take care of me and feed me when I was a baby and toddler). During my whole childhood and teen years, he became my personal self-defense instructor and cook mentor. I'm the only person he didn't charge anything.

It feels like yesterday. He was right there and next day he's gone forever. Sometimes I feel like giving up on my goals and that I'm nothing without him. He was my strength and now all I feel is weakness. He supplemented me as a person. Is it normal to feel defeated without him?
11 d
Our father bailed out when I was just 2 months old.
11 d
Everything he learned, he passed that on to me.
Is it normal to feel lost without my brother?
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