Mother belittles me anyone else?

I’m 22 years old since I was little my mothers always made decisions for me, when I try to do things my own way she belittles the way I do things.. I’m about to move out and live with my fiancé and I asked her how we would visit eachother and she just said “ isn’t your place going to be really tiny?” “ are you even able to afford it?” But she says it with a smirk I don’t work because I take care of my daughter and little does she know my fiancé is getting a huge promotion enough to take out a mortgage and pay a spacious 4 bedroom on his own... she always belittles me in terms of money and it hurts my feelings.. like even if I had a small place wouldn’t u still fucking visit? And like why the fuck do you care if I’ll be able to afford it or not. My uncle also passed away I offered to help with money and all she said was “ if you don’t have money why are u going to spend it” ... we are NOT tight on money and we always have extra and we have never missed a payment on the house. So I don’t know why she financially belittles me... not just that it’s everything else too... does anyone else have this issue with their parents?
Mother belittles me anyone else?
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