Is it really nonsense what my mother kept saying?

My younger sister is dating her boyfriend whom my mother hated (even argued and disrespected him) for some time. Her stance is softening but she's sill on guard. The guy already knows she's not fond of him and obviously doesn't trust her either. My father has no opinion nor meddles in anyone's relationship unless it's something horrible such as drugs or abuse.

My mother had a conversation with my sister about her relationship and kept saying that if she sees he really loves her, buys her gifts and wins her over... then she'll treat her as a son, serve him his favorite meals, etc. At that moment my father came in and was like ''more soap opera nonsense, so what are you all cooking for Thanksgiving'' and he continued switching the topic.

In my father's view, you have to be in the middle. You can't be too mean, meddle too much and demonize someone nor overdo it with kindness that it's too good to be true... esp if you had issues with someone. He regarded what my mother was saying as nonsense and gibberish. Neither my father, my sister and much less the guy believes a single word.
Is it really nonsense what my mother kept saying?
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