Do I have PTSD or something like it?

So a few years ago my best friend tried to kill himself which was obviously a very stressful situation. He texted me and some of our friends very vague but clearly in distress stuff that night and we drove to his house to make sure he was okay. The cops and ambulance got there before we did so we turned around. He was then put in a mental hospital for 5 days and we knew nothing until he showed up at school the following week. He lived and he’s been doing better ever since which is great. Ever since that whole situation and the days following happened I have been having the same dreams at least twice a week. The dreams usually consist of either his funeral or him committing suicide again and succeeding or going into critical condition. This has been going on for going on three years. Is this some kind of PTSD or something else?
Do I have PTSD or something like it?
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