How can I make a person not following me anymore on Facebook?

Im tired of my sister following me on Facebook and like tracking me what I post and then if I post something she finds, is not suitable, she in private over a Whatspp message starts to question me why did I post taht on Facebook. Im tired of it I dont want my sister to follow me anymore. Not complete block her or delete her I just dont want her to follow what I post so she wotn be able to see what I post and stop criticizing me.

She does not even live in my house, she is married and has her own life with her husband. I dont criticize her and question her on private the things she post, but she believes she has the right to do it with mine. I mean I dont post nasty or sexy or raunchy things. But maybe I comment on new or photos s or things in general that maybe when she sees what I post she disagrees on so she has to call me and ask me why I post what I post. SHe seems like a inspector. Im sick of it I want her to unfollow me.

Another thing is that my sister loves to criticize the way my mom my brother and I live in the house each time she stops by to visit us to greet mom or just for a quick visit. Each time she comes at home she acts like an inspector to check if furniture is dirty if the house needs some repairs, and also questions us why an item is still in the house after so many years and we have not gotten rid of. Why we still use this or taht. I mean our house (the one she grew up with) is an old house so for sure the time goes by and the house starts to be needing repairs sure, my brother and I are aware of it but we dont have enough money to make some updates or repairs at the house often, we dont have much money to do it so and do reparirs for so many things that our house indeed needs. My sister is even embarassed our house is falling apart because we dont give it the proper repairs in time. We dont have that much money to do many repairs at the same time, we are doing it
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little by little with the money we got left from the month. But she never helps us with money either , she just criticize and question us for not doing the proper repairs at home on time. But she and her husband lives in a nice house not very big though but her house is nice, that this year with the pandemic and all she had done 2 full renovations at her house. Due to her and her husband are working fully from home, they had to renovate the second floor and change one bedroom in a office
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Also recently they are renovating their bathroom, and closets, making a new bathroom. They are still working, and receiving a salary from their workplaces

At thje beginning of this y ear, they also change their kitchen put a new furinutre. Im glad for them but we are not the same as hers, and she question us. The same is happening with the COVID thing remind us like we are little kids each second the cleaning protocols we have to follow.
How can I make a person not following me anymore on Facebook?
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