Who is the danger remover of your family?

Every family has a man or woman who averts the danger coming which other members of family can't see coming. Like in my family, it's my younger sister who is older than me and me. We have to come together, make plans, and execute them. We have to influence our parents according to our intentions to avert the danger. And mostly the threat in our family comes from inside like relatives. Our relatives would massacre us for riches. And my family's can't see the danger coming. And the danger comes with mask of happiness and Brings the whole conspiracy behind the mask. Always, Me and my sister have to step up while our parents and eldest sister invites them.

Tell me about your story! , Answer anonymously like me and you are good to go! 😇
Tell about your techniques to avert the danger, believe me it will help the whole gag community. Most of the times this protector in the family is the father and sometimes the mother. But when they start to invite the danger. Their daughter and son have to step up. The pressure sometimes become huge. 😓 But someone have to step up to protect the family and if it's not for the protector, then it will eradicate into small pieces!.
Let's see if I find someone like us, Protector of their family! , Share your stories it will help a lot
Who is the danger remover of your family?
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