How do you piss someone off?

I usually forgive people becuase it’s easier than living with resentment, but I can not forgive this person. She has turned my life into a nightmare. She is my step mom. Ahhh the classic teenager v. stepmom situation. No. She has a very toxic personality and I believe that I am mature enough to have that judgment. Does my life feel in-danger? No. Do I constantly get hurt by her—emotionally? Absolutely. So what does she do?

Screams, threatens, passive attitude, controls what my dad thinks and says, sits on her lazy ass all day, literally acts like a fucking queen. My dad makes her food, gives her massages, shops for her. He doesn’t even cook dinner for his own kids (my sister and I)! She has him completely rapped around her finger and it’s disgusting. They are newly weds by the way. Her behavior is getting worse. I am horrible at making people feel like shit but the anger has built up long enough. She pisses me off and I shy down, like a little sissy. It is time for HER to apologize. I’m fucking done. Moving out soon anyway.

I don’t want to her hurt, but I want to make her feel really bad for treating me like a piece of shit all of these years. Any recommendations?

Please dont recommend therapy. I already have a therapist. Obviously it’s not working cause I’m on here. But some of y’all really do give great advice! So thanks!
How do you piss someone off?
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