Help: Caught in the Middle of My Friends?

So we were a group of 3 best friends, and friend x didn’t like friend y too much. She felt left out etc. So friend x and I had an argument with friend y and stopped talking to her for a year.

Throughout that year I felt very bad about the way I had treated friend y. So I recently hit her up, apologised and rekindled our friendship. Now I’m afraid that friend x will find out and in someway be mad at me/feel betrayed.

What shall I do?
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Guys this is the second time I mention friend X on this site and people tell me she's not a true friend! lol.

Actually we are close on a very superficial level and I've known her since I was a kid... I am her only real "friend" so letting go of that friendship won't be easy (as a lot of you suggest).

Good to know though! :)
Help: Caught in the Middle of My Friends?
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