My friend has no patience and it’s making me want to not talk to her. What do I do?

First, I will admit, my friend does seem like she’s been having horrendous luck this holiday. Here’s just a few things that have happened:
  • Packages ordered from Amazon aren’t delivered to her door even though she write the directions on there. The delivery guy just leaves it under the staircase by her apartment. This caused one package to be stolen.
  • She ordered a gift from Etsy that was supposed to be a canvas but it came as just photo prints. The store said they don’t do canvas but it says on the product canvas
  • Her newest gift for her brother needed an addition to it. The store promised to have it done by Saturday but they measured it wrong and now it won’t be finished until after New Year.
she's been (rightfully) mad for the past three weeks. But all she does is complain about how people suck at their jobs and should find new ones if they can’t do them right. She’s a teacher and says she’s not allowed to half ass her job so others shouldn’t but I think there’s a difference in standard with teachers and minimum wage workers. I told her she needs to learn empathy and to be patient. She says I don’t understand, which I probably don’t. She is also autistic and very literal. So she is all about following instructions in an almost OCD way. But now she’s calling people stupid because they aren’t doing what she’s asking/paying for.

am I the asshole? I feel she’s being ridiculous but she thinks she’s justified to feel the way she does.
My friend has no patience and it’s making me want to not talk to her. What do I do?
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