Got kicked out. Need some advice?

Recently we went on holiday, and shit got real bad. My family's always been a fucking mess. My parents despise each other and there was so much abuse over the years that I don't know how we're not all in a mental institution. It's never been physical until now. My dad antagonize my brother over and over again, going on and on about how pathetic he is, and if my brother would calmly (because we're not alowed to raise our voices to him) ask him to stop he would yell and tell him not to talk to him with such disrespect. So my brother (for the first time in his life) pushed my dad away from him. My mom was crying in the room and I immediately ran to get between them, my brother is a gentle giant and my father a short tempered tiny dude. My fathers reaction was to punch my brother across the face, enough that he split his lip and has a black eye. I got in the way as my brother immediately pushed me out of the way as I got hurt to. My brother gave my dad a punch but missed as he hit the wall, but the next hit as my dad went at him again was right to his face, were he broke my dad's nose one shot. My brother was bleeding, and you could see his knuckle from where the skin split after it hit this glass thing on the wood. My mother cried on the fucking floor and had a panic attack. She's always been like this, the moment there's conflict she starts to cry. I took my brother to ER an hour away while my mom dazed the fuck out. When we got back there was a fight, it stewed for a day then my mom snapped. She told him she's done, that this was to much and she's getting a divorce. So we came home in my brothers car. My dad stayed on holliday. I know I'm spoiled and not ready for the real world, none of us are, me and my brother are both studying (which my dad payed for) and my mom is an art teacher. He said he's completely cutting us all off and he never wants to see us again, but we can keep the house (big bills). Obviously me and my brother will both start jobs. Any advice?
Got kicked out. Need some advice?
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