My sister no longer wants anything to do with me. Is she overreacting?

My sister’s boyfriend lives in Atlanta and a month ago she drove down to visit him for his birthday. Atlanta has a high rate of COVID-19 and I didn’t think it was safe. She told me and told me not to tell our parents. I told our parents anyway. They pretty much harassed her the entire trip and have been giving her the cold shoulder since. This incident also reopened old issues that existed between my parents and my sister.

My sister started being cordial but distant with me. She would come over my house, but she’s stopped coming over. She stopped inviting me to hang out with her and her friends (she hosted a Friendsgiving and didn’t invite me). When I would text her, she would respond, but would be vague with what she shared with me and ended the conversation after a few responses. I asked our brother why she was acting differently and he guessed that it was because I told our parents on her (when she requested that I not do so) and that if he remembers correctly, this isn’t the first, second, or even the third time that I’d “told” our parents on her.

A few weeks later I sent her a message saying that she is immature. I’ve always been there for her and she thinks that she is too good for this family. I told her that she should be ashamed of herself because she’s clearly forgotten where she’s come from and what comes up can always come down. She ignored my message, blocked me, and told our brother that she wants nothing to do with me.
My sister no longer wants anything to do with me. Is she overreacting?
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