Need help dating a girl with strict parents?

Wtf do I do?
She lives at home with her parents and she's 20 but they pay for the majority of her stuff and they are incredibly strict and it's putting a strain on our relationship. Yes I understand I have to follow the rules because she is still kinda being paid for by her parents.
- I not allowed to drive her anywhere
- curfew is at 9
- electronics also gets put away at 9, 10 on weekends
- Mom looks through our messages
- she's not allowed at my place
- they track her
- door/lights must stay on/open if I'm in her room
And with covid I can't see her unless I quarantine for 2 weeks and I can't for a few more months at least.

Sexual frustrations rant
We've never had actual sex (we want to), I've gotten her to finish 20+ times, all I got was 2 minutes of hj and didn't even get to finish. (This is all in her grandma's basement, while her parents usually chat with Grandma and we play "pool")

Honestly as much as I love her I'm starting to wear and it's getting hard to keep pushing through this and see the light a the tunnel.
Need help dating a girl with strict parents?
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