Would someone here like to help me?

I'm a girl whose family has been struggling due to covid, my mom lost her job and my dad is the only one who financially supports our family. I work hard at school and have very good grades. I dont want to sound pretentious, Im really not like that, but im one of the best students in school but probably one of the ones who struggle the most as well. The university I want to go to is expensive and even with a scholarship I can't afford it. I can't have a job for now because it's physically impossible because I finish classes late and I need time to study. Also my dad has a disease and needs to have a surgery done but it is also very expensive and we can't afford it. I know its stupid to ask for money here, but at least I tried. So yeah, thanks for reading and any help will be great. Have a nice day.
Would someone here like to help me?
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