Should I side with these relatives or simply not being hypocrite?

As my brother beleives I worship them.

I have 2 particular cousins (a sister and a brother) from one of my 7 aunts who lets say had always been some kind of a show off cousins and like to impress people and sometiems they are cocky ones. Their mother also had had some runs ins with her sister cuse she has a difficult temper to deal with and sometimes she says things as they are and for those words sometimes they hurt people but she seems not to care or pay attention to that. ALso they had some kind of attitude that in years is the reason other relatives stopped getting along with them, because they dont like the way they are. At the end we are all family we had ups and downs even sometiems use bad or regretful words to ech oither when whe disagree on things, but we forgot and move on even if time after we go back at the same discussion or disagreement like many families have. Family is the only thing we really have at the end even if we got mad, happy or we have different personalities.

Although I know many people say they dotn have family cause their family is the one who hur them the most and families do not do that. Well each person has a different idea of families, families behavior and disasgerements, etc

My brother is one of them, he does not like these cocky siblings/cousins are, but when my brother is in front of them he does not tell up front he does not like them even if he knows the kind of peoeple they are. My brother only treats them as he is not aware of anything and talk to them in a normal way in front of them and even they joke each other and have nice chatting when there are family gatherings but my brother knows what kind of people they are. He is just being polite in order not to start a nasty discussion if my brother tells them he knows the kind of people they are, espeically when our moms are sisters.
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My brother believes that I treat them like they are my best BFF ever cause I do get along with them but Im not like my brother. My brother lets say does nto care not attend to family gatherings even if they invite him, cause for my brother is not a big deal and it be hypocrite to go so he better say he won't go and do not take him into account period. My brotehr had always been a little bit antisocial but that is his personality and character and attitude.

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My brotehr believes I praise my cousins like they are a big deal, because I always defend them. But the difference is that I do have some sort of connection with these 2 cousins. These cousins and I three years ago went to Europe together for 3 weeks, so we had things in common to tak about to joke about, like the trip experience together that it was a trip we wil never forget and also because my cousin are planning again another trip to Europe next year and they want me to go again with them.
Should I side with these relatives or simply not being hypocrite?
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