I pulled a prank on my sister and made her cry. Should I apologize?

Basically, I got the idea from one of my friends who was pranked by his girlfriend. She tricked him into thinking he was really getting a PS5 by using an Instagram filter. I thought maybe it would be funny to do this prank on my sister, except that I'm doing it with a real PlayStation.

It was my sister's 15th birthday a few days ago. I got her a birthday present. It was a PlayStation 5. I wished her a happy birthday and gave it to her. It was actually the first time I got her something and she was really happy. She opened it and started talking about all the cool games she's going to play.

When she opened the box, however, she started freaking out because there was no PlayStation inside. I secretly took it out and replaced it with a 10 lb dumbbell weight. She asked me where the actual PS5 was but I couldn't help but laugh. I told her that she wasn't getting anything and that it was a prank.

She started crying and told me: "Thank you for ruining my birthday! I thought you cared about me, but I guess you don't." She then kicked the box and ran off crying to her room.

Was it really that bad a prank? Did I go too far? Should I apologize?
Yes, I should apologize for being a bad older brother
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I pulled a prank on my sister and made her cry. Should I apologize?
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