Should I completely drop this person or no?

I’ve had this best friend of mine I’ve known for 9 years we basically grew up together. But recently she’s been doing some things that have been making me question her and even question our friendship. Recently she got into a fight with one of her online friends and she claimed that they were racist and had always manipulated her so of course I’m gonna believe my best friend over somebody online. Since this happened over discord I decided to talk to that person and their friend. My best friend had invited me to a groupchat with them but later on my best friend had left then all of the sudden that person I was arguing with kept telling me that my best friend had said the n word multiple times I didn’t wanna believe it and my best friend kept asking me to just leave the chat with them but I didn’t all of the sudden they sent me an invite to the server and I checked the logs turns out they were telling me the truth I confronted my best friend about it she said it was real but she didn’t know what it meant back then since her mom doesn’t teach her much but the thing is it was back in 2019 and early 2021 so I’m sure she would have known by then. I didn’t wanna believe it but I couldn’t deny what I saw and the person who sent me the invite kept saying I’m being manipulated and that my best friend has done worse so I honestly don’t know what to do anymore. After that situation I stopped talking to my best friend for a bit. today I checked a groupchat I was in with her and there was this one game that had hitler in it and my one friend talked about how bad it was and she said “it’s not a big deal.” Which is another thing that’s making me question things. The last thing that is sorta making me question our friendship is that in the same exact gp a while ago I saw a message between her and someone else in there and when they asked her a question she said “Oh we’re talking about fat Mexicans.” I’m not sure if I’m being overly sensitive or not so I would truly appreciate help
Should I completely drop this person or no?
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