Is it crazy that I’m thinking about distancing my self over a “joke” ?

Like I feel silly because I know it’s a joke, but it’s just pisses me off because I’m being made fun of.

My baby passed back August. She was born a micropremie, spent 7 months of her life in the hospital. She was a medically fragile child, and would have turned 1 in Oct. She is the 2nd child I’ve lost. My first one was born at 19 weeks.

Every blue moon , I would have a dream of her being a live. It hurts a lot to wake up with out her. She also this month has been really hard for me, I’ve been crying almost every day. My friend knows all that I’ve mentioned.

2 days ago, I told her that I dreamt that the hospital somehow faked my baby’s death and had her adopted another family. I had tracked them them to recover her. My jokingly said “ Stay off the drugs.”

I told her it was literally just a dream and wanted it to share it. She responds ,” Taking drugs before bed = crazy dreams.”

I don’t have the patience to explain to her how she rubbed me the wrong way. This isn’t the first time she has said something insensitive towards my late daughter. For example, her saying a few times that I’m lucky that I don’t gave an kids, or because I’m Childless, I have plenty of free times. And yes I have said something to her before, a few times. She has either ignore me or mock me.

My mom thinks I should explain my feeling. But I feel like it’s self explanatory.
Is it crazy that I’m thinking about distancing my self over a “joke” ?
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