How to stop feeling this way about my sister?

I’m looking for some type of advice for this situation I have with. My older sister that makes it difficult for us to hang out sometime. It bothers me that she is a major attention seeker. Especially when it come to guys (which it get even more annoying). She’ll try to talk to people I talk to etc. But it like everytime we go out she seem to think she the only one that can get a guy or something? Everytime a guy look in the direction of which we are sitting , she automatically assume the guy wants her. Or a guy could take a quick glad out the window (like normal people do when In the passenger seat) and she’ll give him the ugliest stare saying “what is her looking at”! She does this for everyone it’s crazy. Annoying but I don’t wanna have animosity toward her but it just make me feel less than sometime
How to stop feeling this way about my sister?
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