Is she just being nice or is there something more to this?

There is this girl in my cat club at my university who I am interested in. We did meet up in one of the club's gathering back in October last year and since we both were at the venue first, we talked a bit about our cats. I mentioned about how my 2 cats keep fighting with each other.

A week ago, we met up again in the club's gathering and we were supposed to meet at this location in the school. I got there first and she messaged me telling me that they changed the meeting location instead of my club's president since he was there too and I was good friends with him. When they were talking about their cats, she suddenly mentioned to everyone about how my cats were fighting with each other for years which surprised me as no one would care to remember that. During dinner, we all went to our separate ways to get our meals and I saw her loitering around different food outlets before buying at the same place as me. She asked me what drink did I get which happened to be the same as her and started to talk about it. It does look like she was happy talking about the drink but it's hard to see whether she was smiling as we were wearing our masks.

I decided to follow her IG 3 days ago and she accepted it 2 days ago. I don't know what to think of this tbh. I might be overthinking and making myself look like an idiot but she does seem like a nice person and I do want to get to know her better. I asked 2 friends of mine and they told me to ask her out for some drinks or something.

The problem is I have extremely low self-esteem due to past experiences (got accused for harassment by a girl I used to like a long time ago, betrayed by a female friend due to school grades and was taken advantaged of a girl who knew my condition which then she proceeded to make fun of my mental disorders) which led to me getting anxiety and depression.
Is she just being nice or is there something more to this?
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