LONG STORY: I’m in a feud with my roommate?

So I accidentally spilled her open container of bleach that was sitting dangerously close to the edge on the washing machine and some seeped inside and got on a couple items. One of the sports bras has a very tiny speck, you REALLY have to look for it, her other sports bra is now kinda tie dyed with bleach but to be honest it looks way cooler than it did before. I had profusely apologized and she said it was fine and she was over it and that she understood it was an accident. I offered to fix them and she said she was just going to throw them away. Perfectly wearable pieces that could be fixed if she let me.

Today she informs me that there is also bleach on her leggings and requiring me to buy her a new pair of $60 leggings. I do not have the money to do this and she knows that. I apologized again but now she’s refusing to even show me the bleach damage so I’m curious if there’s even any bleach on them and if she just wants a new pair of leggings. She’s a known compulsive liar so I could honestly see this being the case.

Side note: her hamster died and she left it’s dead body in the cage for 3 days until I came home and she finally threw it away but the cage that I bought for her because she couldn’t afford to get a cage is still filled with the droppings and dead animal residue. She has now left town for who knows how long and the apartment reeks of dead rodent still. She told me to just throw the $50 cage away so I said if I throw it away we would be pretty much even on the leggings because it doesn’t make sense that I throw away a $50 cage that she should’ve cleaned out AND buy her a pair of $60 leggings when I accidentally MAYBE got bleach on her leggings that she refuses to show me.

Lord knows that if the roles were reversed, I would not have asked her to replace my clothes, I would’ve fixed them because SURPRISE, bleach is fixable and understand that it was an accident. AND I wouldn’t have left a dead animal in our apartment or not clean the cage out.
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She’s acting like a spoiled brat. I am aware that I’m not in the clear seeing as I was the one who knocked over her bleach but she has ruined things of mine before in which I let slide. A week ago she broke an expensive picture frame of mine and I didn’t ask her to replace it because it was an accident. She broke my Keurig coffee maker over the summer and she proclaimed that it wasn’t that big of a deal because we still have hers. I’m just so frustrated with how two sided and selfish she can be.
LONG STORY: I’m in a feud with my roommate?
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