How can I help my depressed sister in a toxic environment?

My sister is 29 and she lives in a different state than myself and our other sister. She has been living with her boyfriend and his mom for several years. Neither of them have a job or a car. His mom supports them both. The boyfriend plays video games all day. He’s cheated on my sister several times and this has broken her heart but she keeps taking him back. I’ve had her stay with me and my husband a few years ago when we lived in her state but that only lasted a couple months because she didn’t like our rules.

Our other sister had offered to have her come move here and stay with her in their extra room. She acted like she wanted to but then backed out because of covid.

Every time I talk to her, we talk about how she needs to get looking for work so she can get out of her situation and she acts like it’s going to torture her to even start. She’s been so used to being supported and living for free.

She says she’s depressed and can’t even get motivated to take a shower most days, let alone look for a job.

I’ve tried the soft approach and she just overpowers it with excuses. Tried the tough love approach by telling she needs to quit simping over this mamas boy loser, get off her ass, make money and dump him, but that just pisses her off.
How can I help my depressed sister in a toxic environment?
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