Should I one day forgive him?

So to keep it short.. I’m 27 and I have 2 siblings. My father decided to walk out on us when I was 16 years old. He never tried to speak to me or have any sort of contact. He never gave me a dime. My mother had to raise all 3 of us on her own. Now after all these years he reached out to one of my siblings and asked if he could have contact with me again.
For me my childhood went bad when he started to be an alcoholic and abused us a lot. Because of him I had to learn about life the hard way. Even dated men that had the same traits as him and I’m finaly in such a good place in my life, I’m almost graduated from university and have my own place and a job.

I really don’t want anything to do with him but sometimes I question myself if one day he dies I might regret it.. it’s just very difficult. Because after my mom did all the hard work and we are all grown now he wants to suddenly have contact? Also it would feel like betrayel to my mom.. the hardships she had to go through alone.
Is anyone in the same situation or does anyone have advice for me of what to do?
Should I one day forgive him?
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