Why does my family treats me BAD?

My family didn't invite anyone when it was my birthday, and when it is theirs they invite others.

Last year, I had my first foreign boyfriend who has a bad criminal background. And because of that, my family treated me bad by terminating me from my job, beating me up many times, poisoning me at house with full of nails and things on the food, destroying and stealing my things, and even invading my privacy like reading my diaries, phones and even contacting my manager and friends. Because of the abuse, I find I way to get out from the house and with no even things or money.

I told my manager and friends about the situation and they helped me all. And, later on I was able to find a place to rent. Few weeks later I realized my friends, manager turned against me. I didn't know my family was denying all what they have done to me, they said I only lied they didn't beat me up and they treated me right. My father died as if he is the victim when in fact he beaten me up more than 14 times, he said I left my family over my boyfriend. I was only acting and they shouldn't helped me or give me any money for me to go back in the house. Few weeks later, I found out my landlord is a maniac he attempted to rape me, I was begging helped from my co-workers and friends but now they are not willing to help me. I kept on crying and crazy, until my ex came and said he has to get me out from my landlord, I had no choice but to go with him. We lived together but he didn't beat me up, and until we can't barely pay the rent together because my income is small, and he is jobless, and only finding ways to earn money. We often quarrel and until he cheated on me and ended the relationship.
I went back to my family but they didn't changed after all.

Why is it my family is denying what they have done to me? And, why they act kind when around others in public but in private they are rude. Please answer me thanks!
1 y
Now everyone thinks I am the liar when in fact I was telling the truth. 😭
Why does my family treats me BAD?
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