Should I cut my mother off?

My parents are separated. My mother swears I don’t do anything when I’m in college and I have to take online classes. She thinks I lay in bed all day when I’m reality I do homework for most of the day. I have my own apartment near my college and I don’t really have any friends up there but I spend the majority of the day at my desk and doing work and I try to get out and go for a walk sometimes. I have a new boyfriend who I see when I come home and we hangout on weekend because he’s busy during the week with his job and he takes online courses too. I’m still figuring out what I want to do in my life but I do very well in college. There’s not much I can do with corona and I’m visiting home right now so every morning I wake up early and go downstairs and do my homework. I admit I can be lazy sometimes and take breaks but when I came home for winter break I got a job and worked pretty much all day and that’s how I met my boyfriend. Today my mom made a comment saying how this summer when I came home I wasn’t going to be laying around in bed. I got really offended because I don’t do that now and it’s not like I’m in bed all day. We had a huge fight and she kept saying how I’m in my pajamas all day and that’s disgusting and went off on me and took shots at me. I’m honestly just tired of her toxic behavior. We always fight and I’m crying because I don’t have a good relationship with my mom. I’m 19 and my mom goes off on me like I’m a woman her age. What do I do?
Should I cut my mother off?
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