Am I wrong for not caring about my sibling's issues?

I'm the youngest of 3 and I'm a lot younger. My sister is 13 years older than me and my brother is 8 years older.

My sister always had a drug problem. She even sold her body for drugs. She became a mother when she was 17 (I became an uncle at 5). She can never hold a job, a house, or a life, she constantly had to move back in and take over my bedroom, she always locked me out of my own room to sleep and have sex with her boyfriend at the time. She was verbally abusive to me and say horrible things to me.

My brother would beat the shit out of me when he wasn't in juvenile detention. He would shoot me with his pellet gun, lock me in the basement, and took pictures of me in my underwear (I was too young to know why and I'm still confused about that). He also has a drug problem. He was in and out of juvenile detention and served 3 years in prison for robbery. He also became a parent at 17 and has 4 kids with 3 women, he was abusive to all of his partners.

Our mother is emotionally abusive and doesn't know how to manage her stress. She would blow up at me because my siblings were stressing her out. Throughout my childhood, my needs were always shoved aside because of my sibling's issues, I never had a day about me, my mother's attention was always on my siblings or their kids. I've had birthdays, Christmases, Halloweens, Easters, etc because of my sibling's bullshit. Now my childhood is over before I had a chance to have one.

Right now my brother is having issues. He's in town doing drugs with my cousin and has to go to jail for domestic violence (complicated issues) and I just want my drill that he borrowed back. My mother and I just had an argument about me wanting my drill back while he's having a crisis. She asked me "do you even care about what your brother is going through?" and I decided to be completely honest and answered "I don't, and I'm tired of pretending that I do."
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Am I wrong for not caring about my sibling's issues?
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