Do gold diggers have similar personality traits?

Both my mom and a girl I used to talk to every week or month were gold diggers and they annoy me because they are both callous and disrespectful and invent reasons to judge and criticize and get angry when no valid or foreseeable reason for anger exist.

Like Dr. Fung who is a nephrologist said not to eat breakfast if you want to fast track your calorie burn and my mother lectured me on how I should eat fruit for breakfast cause fruit was acidic for teeth and consuming it in the morning would prevent it from staying in my mouth since it would get washed down with my lunch in the afternoon.

She is always inventing non existent reasons to judge and criticize and tell me and my dad that we are not doing things properly because she thinks her social value is determined exclusively by her superiority over others and never by her love or work ethic since 8 year old children do more house work than my gold digging and lying mom.

And my old friend was the same way. She mocked me for having conservative views on romance saying I was a loser too pathetic to get dating experience and she casually accused me of stalking the guy I like when I tried to locate him online because I wanted to privately give him my contact information and she loved to speculate about imaginary flaws I might have cause she wanted to feel superior by identifying social defects in others. She married a man she did not love cause he was rich.

Both gold diggers and both invent flaws that don’t exist as an excuse to judge and feel superior to people.
Do gold diggers have similar personality traits?
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