If given the chance, would you date someone in a wheel chair?

Keeping in mind the only things in them that don't work is their legs.

In honesty, the thought never crossed my mind. I was watching a movie tonight where this young lady was in a wheel chair, and i saw a guy hit on her, she was overjoyed, until her mother dashed her hopes by saying "he was only being nice". And later i saw her sister treat her like she was broken.

I have seen similar things in real life. Though my wife is not in a wheel chair, she is autistic (aspergers syndrome), And i have seen both family and friends treat her like she is broken. My sister in law's husband treats her especially badly, because he refuses to understand her. If i were not married, and i found the right one, im not sure i would say no to dating someone in a wheel chair.

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1 mo
What I find sad here, going off of the votes, men are more accepting of disability than women are, I wonder why that is..
1 mo
So per my last update, I'm glad to see the trend reverse.. In any case, perhaps when people comment they will maybe ask me about the update before they make them selves look stupid.
If given the chance, would you date someone in a wheel chair?
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