Why does my friend make me feel so negative about myself whenever I speak to her?

I have this friend and there have been numerous instances where she has projected her own feelings onto me, assuming we are dealing with the same problem, and I always leave our conversations feeling drained and negative about myself.

she once said to me ‘we are the same aren’t we, because we both have low self-esteem and we both go for unsuitable guys’. When she said this to me, I was changing my old habits and learning to build my self esteem and to love myself before I go looking for a romantic relationship.

just recently, she said to me ‘we are both similar in that we don’t have much confidence’. This really upset me, as I feel that over the last few years, I’ve grown in my own confidence and I’ve come out of my shell. Even my other friends have said to me that they’ve noticed how much confidence I’ve gained since leaving university and how much I’ve ‘come out of my shell’

What is strange to me, is that she makes comments about how I use my social media. She says ‘you are always posting everything on social media, even videos of you playing music, but I could never do that because I’m really shy.’

Recently I made a post saying I was ‘self-partnered’ on Valentine’s Day and posted a photo of myself drinking champagne. Weirdly, my friend said ‘I drank champagne on Valentine’s Day too’ when I last spoke to her.

What is her problem with me? Why does she try to drag me down by saying I have no confidence?

Why does she make me feel so negative about myself
Why does my friend make me feel so negative about myself whenever I speak to her?
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