Being an adult getting a ride everywhere?

This is a very interesting question that has rattled around my brain for a little while now. How does the world view a person that in their 20s or beyond and is still getting a ride places? Be it from a parent, sibling, friend, etc. to go to work, school, running errands, etc.

I am 21 years old and have never had a car (I've had my license since 18) and I am not a student in a university or anything like that (the career path that I have chosen doesn't require for me to do so). I work in a pharmacy and I've worked with this pharmacist for about a little over a year now and we're kinda cool. Today after work had ended... I got picked up from my dad and the pharmacist saw me... he looked at me as if he had lost all of his respect for me.

Not to defend my non car owning self but I haven't had the chance to purchase a car because I am waiting for my finances to increase a bit more so that I can get my car of choice also, I need to figure out some insurance stuff... but when this happened earlier today it made me question how does the world view situations like this? I know I can't be picking any girls up for dates or pick my friends up for a night out on the town but these things take time.

How do you feel about grown/older people still not having their own means of transportation? Do you see them as little kids or do you just see them as people that are still getting things together?

Obviously this doesn't account for people that had cars and lost them in accidents or their financial situations turned rough and they had to get rid of them.
It's childish to be getting rides past 18
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Being an adult getting a ride everywhere?
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