What do I down with a friend who looks down on me?

I've known this person since we were kids and we are now in our 30s. He's always been an ok guy and I was a bit of a screw up when I was younger but nothing that bad.
I finishing of uni and have my own place and I'm starting to see someone, so think are looking up but he still see me a certain way.

He has his own electricians business is a hard worker and has the family, mortgage etc.

I've noticed over the last few year the he's always too busy to even go out but never crosses his mind that there are times I'm too busy. He always tells me what need to do in life or what I'm doing wrong, show off about how much money he has and has never invited me over to his "new" house out of town (he's lived there for 4 years)

It's very hard to put into words but I've got to the point of ignoring him because he always makes me feel crap about myself. I've tried hinting to him about his behaviour but he never listens.

It's a shame as I've known him so long, but can't stand him now.

What should I do?
What do I down with a friend who looks down on me?
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