Should I break up with my boyfriend and adopt a child?

I’m 23 years old and have a good paying job and my own place, it’s a 1 bedroom but I could easily afford a 2 bedroom on my own, I’m in school studying for my life long career. I want a child I often daydream about how much I want to have a family, due to the fact I was born with certain complications I will likely never be able to carry a child full term but I’m ready the only problem is my boyfriend who I’ve been with a little over a year does not want me to have a kid because he’s afraid of what it’ll do yo our relationship! In all honesty I’ve thought about adopting one anyways and leaving him, I want a child to love I love kids so much and I want to give a child in the system a happy home. Im not the most traditional mother, I’m bisexual goth and ex sex worker (legally) but I’ve talked with some agencies that have told me it would be no issues for them as long as I’d be ready to take on the responsibility of starting a family. I feel I’m more than ready and it hurts to know I have to wait
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If anyone’s wanting a update, I broke up with him and am currently working on getting a 2 bed for me and my kid
Should I break up with my boyfriend and adopt a child?
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