My is my Dad like this?

So on multiple occasions, I have asked my dad to not put my clothes in the dryer. It’s a pet peeve of mine when others touch my clothes. I don’t even let my mom touch them. I’m not accusing my dad of being a perv or anything, but why is it so fucking hard for him to do this simple request? I brought this situation up to my mom so she could get him to take my feelings into consideration and she understood how I felt about it and tried to explain it to my dad, but he wouldn’t listen. He even had the nerve to get mad at me and called me disrespectful for asking him to not touch my clothes.

I know there’s other women who are the same way as I am. And I know I’m not overreacting. I just need to know why my father feels the need to continue touching my clothes after I’ve asked him time and time again to stop doing that!
My is my Dad like this?
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