Should you treat IN-LAWS the same way they treat you?

This includes MILS (mother-in-laws), SILS (sister-in-laws), BILS (brother-in-laws), etc.

It's sad how some people have to tolerate nasty IN-LAWS just for the sake of their partner. This includes biting your tongue or continue this ''kill them with kindness'' bs. Shouldn't respect be a 2-way street? Why should you bother being nice to them when they aren't to you?

Nowadays I tend to apply the concept ''treat others how they treat you''. If they treat you like garbage, be an asshole back to them. If they treat you nice and with respect, do the same.

What do you think?
Yes, stop being nice to nasty people... even if they're your IN-LAWS
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No, you should still always be nice to rude IN-LAWS
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Example: If an IN-LAW insulted me or disrespect my family, there is no way I'm going to continue sitting down with that nasty person and have a nice conversation nor bite my tongue. I imagine saying something like ''And you're a nasty person, if you don't stop insulting me, I'm going to insult you too''.
Should you treat IN-LAWS the same way they treat you?
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