Disaster, awkward, vomiting party?

First time since we were kids, my brother asked meto have dinner with him for my bday? I said yes, do i tell everyone else? He said it's your party, tell I guess, whatever you want. So I did bc honestly i don't feel comfortable around him as his a smartass and his wife too.. so I got there with 4 family memebers and we decided to order, no one ate, as he parked he was pissed and told us, thanks for waiting. Back story, we don't get along bc his always disrespecting me infront of family calling me names, I have no idea why and I didn't want to go by myself on this Day because I honestly told myself if anything, I'll walk away. We're 30 year olds and I feel like I'll never understand him and now I really don't care too because I've never done anything. The one thing I think he hates me for is that in college, I used to drive to the next city 4 hrs away to go see my best friend, now his wife was pregnant, back then girlfriend and when he knew I was close to him (mind you he was 1 hr away from my friends) he called me asking to please bring his girlfriend with me (now wife) I told him I was already half way in, he told me to go back for her that she missed him since he was gone for 5 months and I said no... 2 nieces later I don't know if thats why he resents me as I'm not their godmother? The point is I know he bonds with alcohol so to cut the tension, I drank with him and got wasted... I didn't make a full out of myself but as I vomited alone in the toilet inside the restaurant I thought to myself why is this so fukin awkward and I hate how this feels.. my liver totally rejected all that alcohol. They laughed at me and I did too and we all left.. but honestly it was mediocre... wtf moments I rather be at home moments.. will we ever bond again even though his an idiot with me and I'm distant from him? I don't know what happened yesterday but it was stupid and a plain disaster.
Disaster, awkward, vomiting party?
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