Should I just move into my sister room?

So I been staying in my the basement for about 3 years which a part of the ceiling is falling down. My sister end up moving in with my uncle to another state about 3 hours away and taken half of her stuff with her. My mom was living the room open since she didn't known if my sister was ever gonna come back. My sister would cancel coming to visit a few times saying she was having problems with her car. My step bro called me and told me my sister said she has no plans on ever coming back to my mom house because it's not safe for her child.

Long story short my younger sister boyfriend was selling drugs in the house which we didn't known about. The house end up getting shoot at 3 times and one of the bullets was only 1 inch away from killing my older sister baby. My older sister drive by and seem my sister&her boyfriend walking outside so she said she never coming back.

My mom has agree to let me pack her stuff in storage bin but I'm unsure if she's finally gonna let me move in. Should I just take the room? I told my mom want my step brother told me... my mom upset about it and doesn't wanna talk about the fact my sister never coming back but only calls my mom. My sister has a very small tv in her room, old clothes she can't fit anymore , a PS4 that has bugs in it , a big ass knives then food that's been in their for weeks.
Should I just move into my sister room?
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