What do I do about her?

So I have this friend I hang with. She is not apart of my original friend group but she likes to impose so much. She has stated how she doesn’t like them and does not want to deal with them etc. but whenever I try to hang with them or be with my friends she says they are fake for not inviting her and wants to come. It’s so annoying. She doesn’t even talk to them so why is she coming where I am all the time. If u don’t want to be around them and don’t even talk to them unless I talk to them why are u trying so hard to be around them. It makes no sense. I can’t breathe without her wanting to be around. She has her own friends and I don’t impose on their friendship so why is she trying to do the same? Would it be rude if I just left her here tomorrow so I can go to lunch with my friend? She is constantly trying to be around but doesn’t even talk to them like go away. Should I just sneak and go?
What do I do about her?
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