Is this emotional abuse?

I’m 26 years old and I’m living at home with both my parents. My mums behaviour is having an impact on me mentally and every day im subject to the same bulls***t

- if I spend ANY money she will try to guilt trip me about the money I spend. For example the other day I bought an expensive wool jumper and I got a stain on it and she spent the entire day lecturing me on how I needed to ‘save my money’ and not buy expensive clothes. When I tried to defend myself she created a scene and said I’d really hurt her
- whenever I go dating or anything else, she follows me on dates, gets all involved in my personal life and then when it all goes to shreds she tells me that they are ‘vile creatures’
- she is constantly telling me what to do with my life, eg I was wanting to join a gym and all she said was ‘the only people you will meet there are creeps’ ‘don’t join a gym and save your money’
- if I try to establish any sort of independence, she always seems to have a say in my life and what I do
- I reported it to the doctor when I went to see them and they got the police involved because they said it was coercive control, and the police came round but my mum convinced me to tell them it wasn’t her and my behaviour was because of a recent abusive relationship I’d been in

is this emotional abuse?
Is this emotional abuse?
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