Would you do this for the love and care you have for your grandchildren?

I have a aunt whose one of her daughters live in California and my aunt lives in Texas. My aunt lets say is like 75 years old, retired. Her husband is also retired and they enjoy going on local trips around the country always by car and they alreayd are used to long road trips even at theri old age already.

My aunt and her husband are the only ones who really take care of their grandchildre and babysit them when she visits them in California or viceversa in Texas and she is the only one who they all go together as family on road local trips along with her daughter and the daughter husband. My aunt`s daughter in laws were never really part of their grandkids upbringing, never babysit them, only my aunt was the one so all the burden relies on my aunt. It seems my aunts daughter husband had always had family issues with his parents or does not get along well with them, that is why the husband parents never baby sit their kids or had been really involved with their grandkids.

The thing is that my aunt`s daughter will go visit her in November for Thanksgiving with her own kids and she will bring with her, their 2 dogs. The thing is that my aunts daughter told the mother that please take care of her kids and also her dogs after Thanksgiving while she and her husband will go on vacations to NYC. My aunts house in Texas is kind of new, and she always have it tidy and clean she is delicate on keeping her house clean. Imagine taking care of her daughters dogs plus the grandchildren because the daughter simply will go on vacations with her husband. My aunt told her duaghter ok.

Do you think it be fair for my aunt to baby sit dogs (and grandkids) while her daughter is on vacations. My aunts daughter did not like to leave the dogs in a shelter for the time she is going to be absent, she prefer her mom to take care of them. My aunt has another daughter who also lives in Texas and she has told the mother and her sister that do not even ask her to
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baby sit the dogs while she is away, she won't do it cause she has things to do at home, like taking care of her 4 children and be a housewife. My aunts other daughter does not work, she is like 37 years old. but it sees the older daughter has the habit alreayd of asking her mom to baby sit her kids each time she goes on vacations alone with the husband and my aunt always says yes even if that
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means commuting from Texas to California by car. So my aunt always goes to california to baby sit the kids, each time the daughter ask the favor my aunts daughter in laws like I said never baby sit their grandkids, it seems no good relationship there is with the in laws for a very long time. I believe is not fair and the daughter is wrong by taking advantage of her reitred parents.
Would you do this for the love and care you have for your grandchildren?
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