Should I confront my friend's hypocrisy?

We've known each other for at least 15 years, so I feel that I could talk to him about it.

Like he'll get upset and spend half an hour each time we meet to talk about how some of our mutual friends do things together and don't think about including us. He'll be equally as upset if a person doesn't respond to his message or takes their time to. I feel more and more frustrated and irritated when he brings it up because, for me, it's really petty.

But, for instance, Friday I asked whether he could send me a text Saturday after he's finished lunch so that I can get ready to pick him up for this party - we planned on going to the shops beforehand. He eats lunch at random times - can be 1 pm, can be 4 pm.

I didn't get a single message from him. When I sent him a message at 5 pm (2 hours after our planned meet) asking him what happened, he replies 'I forgot' nothing more.

No apology, nothing... when I'm sure he would be complaining if it were someone else.

I've spotted this sort of hypocrisy from his part a bit more now, but I feel like if I mention it to him he'll get upset and won't take it well... Then again if I don't, it's just going to get worse
Should I confront my friend's hypocrisy?
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