Girl I dreamed of?

It’s about this dream I had

I have had it 2 or 3 times now and it starts off with me meeting this girl she was white and she had cut her hair to the point that it looks like a boys hair cut she had brightly colored eyes I don’t know if they were green blue or hazel mainly cause we were under different lighting

Her hair is black and she had a really beautiful face first we become friends then we move on to be more close as time moves on we go to school I visit her and even hang out together a lot, at one point I was in the bathroom I don’t know if it’s her bathroom or mine with her I asked her something but I can’t remember what it was.

I think this was before the bathroom or after the bathroom
We were outside and I think I was hanging out with her outside of school or something with her friends and I noticed both her arms covered in scars I see them and the dream focused on them to the point were I could count and even tell there colors they were old scars and they were healing.

Few days or time passes and she was with me hanging out and something happened that we split apart for a time for some odd

reason I was perceiving time differently and I woke up in bed in the dream without me realizing it I was still asleep. I got up like normal normal day and mom as always being mom then I started texting the girl on Instagram and on messages and she kept writing me almost as if I was gone for a long

time my heart started beating really fast and I tried reading what she was saying but I couldn’t understand what she wrote except on Instagram were I saw that she wrote I love you to me then I tried writing back to heron messages but no matter how hard I

tried I could not for the life of me write correctly I couldn’t comprehend how to and my writing was chicken scratch I tried writing to her wanna hang out lol. And then I think she called then I tried answering but I woke up for real 😐
Girl I dreamed of?
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