Am I being reasonable here or were my parents out of order?

it was my birthday and all I wanted to do was go out of the house for a nice dog walk and stop at the pub for a drink. the night before I got back from work and my brother started having a go at me for for absolutely no reason (we don't get along too well) so I left the room before an argument broke out as I didn't want any arguments for my birthday the next day. I have had a bad year and am always working so I was very excited for a day off. My parents decided to go food shopping in the middle of the day even though they had been the day before to see if there was any deals on wine on. When they arrived home they said the weather was too bad for a walk and let's stay in and watch tv. I was disappointed and they knew this but I said ok. My dad got up to make dinner and my mum despite saying all week how excited we were to watch a programme on TV got up and went to sit with my dad whilst he cooked but said she would be back in a second leaving me to sit alone. by this point of the day I felt no one had made an effort at all to celebrate my birthday. I get the weather was bad but we could have driven to the pub or watched the programme all together. I brought this up and they all started shouting at me saying I was ungrateful because they were cooking me dinner and went to such efforts to do so. Am I being reasonable here
Am I being reasonable here or were my parents out of order?
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