Isn't it obvious when someone really likes you and you feel like a family member?

My boyfriend's mother always liked me vs my mother who never liked him. These are the differences. My boyfriend noticed it and now right he's treating her with the same indifference she treats him. He got tired of impressing her over the years.

His mother:
- She never insulted me, meddled nor plotted things in our relationship. She isn't the type to gossip about people. If she had a real beef with you then she would tell you what the issue is instead of badmouthing about you to others.
- She never said ''wait till my son finds a better girl''.
- Sometimes she asks for me, tells my boyfriend ''how is your long-distance girlfriend doing, how is her bakery business going, etc''.
- We've spoken twice on the phone.
- She has participated, put likes and hearts on several of my fb pictures; wished me blessings too.
- Always wishes me a happy b-day on my fb; on all my single b-days, not just one

My mother:
- Meddled too much and insulted him long ago on my 20th b-day; making him cry in anger. Then she bragged to others on how she made him cry, claiming real men don't cry.
- She said ''When we go back to our country, my daughter will find a better man''.
- She used to badmouth and gossip about him to others in the past nonstoppable. Then she issued him a fake apology on the phone. She never asked about his life.
- The only time my mom called him was because she received nasty messages from one of my boyfriend's female acquaintance about my father. She called him to solve that issue.
- She never participates in his fb page and shows no interest in any of his posts.
- She wished him a happy b-day this past Dec for the first time on fb (the only single time she posted on his page, the only single b-day she remembered), claiming she supposedly changed due to the pandemic. He didn't reply anything; didn't believe a single word.
Isn't it obvious when someone really likes you and you feel like a family member?
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