Mother of your child?

Does anyone take credit for made up stuff about the other parent and going out of the way to do disrespectful stuff to over step boundaries just to feel like you have some control over the situation and to get a reaction? Im at the point that personal agenda is the only logical reason for some of this stuff... Between the moves i dont find out about till months later to having his girlfriend ask for days with our kid... Im primary and get zero child support or health insurance for our kid... the only thing i asked for was respectful communication and boundaries to not be crossed on either end.
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Then why even comment at all? I know plenty of mothers who do everything and get treated like gate keepers but they beg the dad to be in the kids life. So it goe both ways. You can be pro male in the situation but the issue isn't gender specific its personality and playing the victim when the person who will suffer is the child. If you wanna get into father rights lawyers say that when moms do when he's been doing its "parental alienation" and thats abuse. So
Mother of your child?
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